Auberge les Glycines (Restaurant)

Location: Taillebourg village, 17350(alongside the river)

Tel:+33 (0)546 91 8140

This place is a must to visit and only about 2kms from the Mill.

The food that is served here is top class traditional cooking with lots of regional flavour, well prepared and is delicious and I have eaten here myself many times.

The service is first class and I would book early as the weekends are very busy during the summer months.

The restaurant has a fantastic garden which has a canopy of Glycine vines (which are in full bloom in April/May and is a delightful place to eat.

Check out the website:


Quai des Taillebourg (Restaurant/snack place)

Location: Taillebourg village alongside the river

This is another place to eat and reasonably priced and as well as A la carte they do a 3 course tourist menu at a set price of below 20 euro which is great value.

The food is good but the best feature of this place is that you can sit outside right by the river, with a glass of wine or a beer and watch the sunset and the boats sailing up and down the Charente.

In the evenings here you can see the locals fishing and the fish jump out of the water feeding on the many insects.

During the summer they have live music on here, and Ronnie Caryl (Guitarist with Phil Collins)who plays some rock, some blues and is one of the attractions and is very popular, again you need to book as those nights get very busy.


Le Gabarier (Restaurant)

Location: Port D’Envaux-10 minutes drive from the Mill

S?bastien JOUSSE,2 rue de la Mairie,17350 PORT D’ENVAUX,

T?l/Fax: +33 (0)

This is highly recommended and Head chef Sebastien cooks quality regional food, served either in the restaurant or outside on the terrace area. He even bakes his own delicious bread which he serves at the restaurant warmed. The food here is very good, with very generous portions, very presentable and delicious-ask Manisiah for more details or check out their website:


L’Eloise (Restaurant)

Location:Facing the covered market, Avenue du Mar