Le Petit Moulin or “The Little Mill” was built in the early 1800’s and was a working mill until about 1920’s. The mill was originally a much smaller building, but later, probably in the early 1900’s, extensions were added to the building as the mill owner’s family grew.

In its recent history the mill was a restaurant specializing in Moroccan dishes. In early 2004, an English couple discovered the old mill and immediately fell in love with it, even though it was run-down and the gardens were overgrown.


The building was partially modernised by the previous owners in the 1970s, but had not been inhabited for several years. Damp had penetrated the walls, floors and structure of the building and it was a sadly cold place.

Several local craftsmen were found and they patiently worked to bring the Petit Moulin to the standard you see now.

The dining room was, in former times, the machine room of the mill. The main interior of the mill has long since disappeared, but one of the original millstones is located outside the front of the property as a reminder of its working past and is a beautiful feature today.


The main stream that drives the water wheel at the back of the mill is located to the west of the building and runs under the dining room in the house and is covered by a glass pane. The mill stream is illuminated at night in the dining room, creating an exciting atmosphere.

For thirteen years, until 2018, the guest house was carefully and lovingly looked after and maintained by Manishia Forber and her husband. For health reasons the couple looked for successors in winter 2018/2019 and found them in us, a family from Switzerland: Daniel and Regula Berger with Florian, Marius and Pippa. With great dedication we are working non-stop on bringing the house, furniture and facilities up to the best possible standards and preparing them for our guests to offer them complete satisfaction.